Joelle Steele is available to speak throughout Washington state, the United States, and the English-speaking world. She likes to help people succeed in whatever they do or aspire to do. She can customize almost any topic to meet the specific needs of your group and will field an almost infinite number of audience questions. She always provides a healthy dose of "the real world" mixed with a hefty dose of "you can do it and here's how."

In general, Joelle's topics include those that she practices, teaches, and writes about:

Writing Process (fiction, non-fiction, poetry, articles, etc.)
Writing - Business (querying, marketing, blogging, copyright, contracts etc.)
Writing - Fiction (plot, characters, dialogue, etc.)
Writing - Grammar (spelling, punctuation, syntax, usage, etc.)
Publishing Books (books, ebooks, audio books, self-publishing)
Publishing Periodicals (print publications, e-zines, newsletters, selling ads, etc.)
Small Business Management (organizing, managing people, marketing, etc.)
Planning and Decision Making for Individuals (making your dreams a reality)
Genealogy (research, interviewing, writing stories, Internet searching, etc.)
Facial Features Analysis (comparing faces to identify people in photographs)
Handwriting Analysis (forgery detection, elements of handwriting, etc.)
Gardening Solutions (design and prevention, solutions to common problems)
Organization Solutions (for business, home, hobbies, etc.)
Cat Care (health, food, indoor/outdoor, flea control, training, etc.)

Joelle's fees are flexible and are based on preparation time, actual speaking time, travel time, travel method, and lodging. For a no-obligation quote, please feel free to contact her directly at