Joelle Steele is the author of ghost mystery and paranormal / supernatural mystery novels. She also writes non-fiction books about anthropometry (biometrics), astrology, cat care, genealogy, and horticulture. And, she is a legal writer of contract templates for small business. She has extensive published credits and has worked as a writer, editor, and publisher for her entire adult life.

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Joelle Steele wears many hats, and so her complete résumé is tediously long, but she also has a separate writing and publishing résumé that is a little bit shorter.


Author Interview - Joelle Steele
video interview, 2015

Author Interview - Joelle Steele, 2015

The Life of a Writer and Artist - A World of Creativity in Self-Publishing and the Internet
Freelance Magazine, 2005

Joelle Steele Expands Her Creativity
Barbara Cabot, Freelance Magazine, 1992

Back From Homelessness - A Venice Beach Artist and Writer Tells Her Story
Beach's Sentinel, 1992

Author Reading from Delusions

Author Reading from Shades

Instructional Writing Videos


The Astrological Prediction of Earthquakes and Seismic Data Collection

Cooking for Fluffy: Healthy Home Made Feline Diets


Face to Face: Analysis and Comparison of Facial Features to Authenticate Identities of People in Photographs

Get The Job and Make A Profit: Sales Marketing, and Estimating Techniques for Landscapers and Interiorscapers

Grandma Helny's Old-Fashioned Swede-Finn Recipes

Guía Para Plantscapers: El Mantenimiento de Plantas Interiores

How To Start Your Own Interior Landscape Business

Human Resource Manual for Horticultural Companies

Interior Landscape Dictionary

Living and Breathing: How to Make Your Characters Come Alive

Perceptions, Passions, and Paradoxes: A Poetry Collection

Plantscaper's Guide to Interior Landscape Maintenance


Researching and Writing Your Family History and Memoirs

Shades: A Ghost Story About A Ghost Hunter

Unblocked: How to Expand Your Creativity by Overcoming and Preventing Creative Blocks