The following books by Joelle Steele, some of them quite short, are currently out of print or have been recombined into other larger and more comprehensive books.

A Tapestry of Eden: A Poetic Memoir of Monterey County (2000)
ABCs of Indoor Dracaenas and Other Related Foliage Plants (2004)
ABCs of Indoor Ferns (2004)
ABCs of Indoor Palm Trees (1998/2003/2005)
Anthropometry and the Human Face in Photographs(1992)
Devil's Garden (1980)
Employment Management Techniques (1985/1998/1999)
Graphology: An Introduction to Handwriting Analysis and Personnel Selection (2001)
How to Create a Successful Web Site For Your Horticultural Business (2005)
How to Create and Maintain A Successful Web Site For Your Small Business (2005)
How to Market Your Astrological Services (1995/1998/2004)
How to Market Your Horticultural Services (1998-2002)
How to Market Your Small Business (2003)
How to Select & Work With An Astrologer (1995)
HR Guide and Policy Manual for Horticultural Companies (1983)
Indoor Watering Techniques; Water Quality, Application Techniques, Subirrigation, and Hydroculture (1992/1998/2003)
Rosary Bed (1982)
Soils & Nutrients for Indoor Plants (1988/2004)
Under A Weeping Sky (1976)