Computers & Websites

by Joelle Steele

Joelle first laid hands on a computer keyboard at a temp job in California's Silicon Valley in the mid-1970s. It was love at first byte! A few years later, she started her own business with the help of her first computer – a "portable" KayPro II with a 9" monochrome screen. Within a few short years, she was working on her fourth and fifth computers – a PC and a Mac – had learned to program in MBasic, DOS, and dBase, was learning to program in C++, and was exploring the Internet. She eventually began helping others with their computer-related problems, and by 1992 had learned HTML, started her first of many Web sites, was teaching adult ed classes in introductory web design, and in 2013 wrote a book called "The Small Business Webmaster." The following are a few of her previously published articles and blog posts about computers and websites:

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08-23-2015: How to Open a Link in a New Window or Pop-up: How to open a link in a smaller window so that your Web page stays open and visible beneath it.

06-18-2014: Web-Safe Colors for Your Website: Even with most colors showing up well on today's monitors, not all hand-held devices are technologically up the challenge of displaying all the colors of the rainbow (yet).

11-04-2013: How to Get Your Website Indexed Correctly by Search Engines: Search engines index everything, and you need to have it all waiting there for them to index when they stop by to index your Web site.

10-13-2013: How to Avoid the Most Common Web Site Mistakes: Avoid the most common Web problems by thinking of your visitors first when you plan and create your Web site.

09-27-2013: Typefaces and Fonts for Your Website: There are so many to choose from — or are there?

09-30-2012: How to Embed a YouTube Video on Your Website: Very simple instructions for embedding a YouTube video on one of your Web pages.

09-27-2012: How to Hire and Work with a Web Designer: Do your homework when looking for a Web designer and then be prepared to help them create the website you want.

09-22-2012: Neuromarketing: How can this unique scientific approach to marketing research help you create a more effective Web site.

07-29-2012: How to Play a Sound File Automatically On Your Web Page: How to make a sound file play when the page loads and not drive your visitors away!