Ghosts & Other Scary Stuff

by Joelle Steele

Joelle Steele is an author who has written hundreds of articles and more than 35 books, including novels about psychological profiles that involve mysteries with a supernatural twist. Her recent novels are "Reflections" (2016), "Delusions" (2015), and "Shades" (2014). All are available in print and ebook versions and are also being made into Amazon Audible books. Joelle's books are available on this website and on,,, and from other online booksellers.

The following are a few of her previously-published articles and blog posts:

06-02-2016: Photographic Phenomena-Explaining the Unexplained in Photographs: Answers to questions about orbs, mists, vortices, trails, and other "stuff" that appears in some photographs.

03-28-2015: Kirlian Photography-A Brief Look at Electro-Photography: A short history and explanation of the process.