Stamps & Postcards

by Joelle Steele

Joelle began collecting stamps and postcards when she was about 8 years old. Her mother collected stamps, and her father had collected as a child. She and her mother expanded their joint collection over the years. The following are some of Joelle's previously published articles and blog posts on stamps and postcards:

05-12-2016: Preserving Your Vintage Postcard Collection: Storing, handling, and displaying your postcards.

04-17-2016: Storing and Displaying Your Stamp Collection: How to store, handle, and display your stamps.

02-11-2013: Soaking Your Stamps: How to Remove Stamps from Paper.

04-07-2012: The History of Postcards: When did postcards first appear and how were they made over the years.

02-17-2012: Grading and Valuing Postcards: How to assess the value of your collection.

05-18-2010: Measuring Perforations: How to Use a Perforation Gauge.

03-25-2008: Deltiology: Collecting Vintage Postcards.