The Business of Interior/Exterior Landscape

by Joelle Steele

For information about Joelle Steele's background in the horticultural industry, please see her detailed horticultural bio.

The following are some of Joelle's previously-published (and regularly updated) articles and blog posts about the business side of the horticultural business.

04-22-2016: Avoiding The Traps & Pitfalls of Being an Owner-Operated Business: How to be your own boss and avoid the problems associated with lack of structure, discipline, and adequate budgets; wearing too many hats; doing dirty work; getting sick; expanding the business; and selling out. (3,870 words)

02-21-2016: Tips for Surviving & Thriving in a Difficult Economy: Help for you and your business during an economic recession. (1,394 words)

06-21-2014: How to Solve the Most Common Web Site Mistakes: Explains why you might be making your Web site difficult to navigate or view, and how you can fix it. (1,812 words)

10-11-2012: Why Does Every Landscaper Need A Good Contract: Illustrates the need for a good contract. (996 words)

05-28-2012: Reducing Interior Landscape Maintenance Costs Through Effective Design and Installation Practices: The title says its all -- learn how to keep maintenance costs down for your clients. (1,681 words)

03-11-2012: Office Plants-How Clients and Janitors Can Protect the Interior Landscape: Whether you are a client of an interior landscaper or a janitor cleaning an office with plants, you can learn to protect the interior plants in the office. (2,075 words)

11-04-2010: Mall Developers Can Profit From Learning About Landscape Design: Whether you're developing a mall or some other large complex, you can save money by understanding what's involved in the landscape design process. (2,259 words)

09-09-2010: Working With Designers-The Interior Landscaper's View: How to connect with and successfully work with a designer. (1,498 words)

09-12-2010: Does Your Contract Protect You From "The Worst That Could Happen"?: When you write your contracts, be sure to anticipate the worst case scenario and be prepared in case it happens. (936 words)

08-26-2010: Employee Management Techniques: This is the complete text from the out-of-print Human Resource Guide book and includes everything from hiring through firing. (14,135 words)

08-19-2010: On Being A Professional: Licensing and certification, trade associations, awards competitions, and educational opportunities. (956 words)

07-22-2010: Personnel Maintenance: Basics of personnel selection, including the establishment of policies and procedures. (1,558 words)

09-06-2009: Put It In Writing - Contracts for Individuals and Businesses: A quick overview of various kinds of contracts and their use and applications to individuals and businesses. (1,446 words)

03-02-2009: Bidding and Contracts for Interior Landscapers: Some basic background in bidding, plant leasing, maintenance, and contracts for interior landscapers. (2,565 words)

08-12-2008: Trade Secrets: Non-Solicitation and Non-Competition Clauses: The basics of how such contracts work to protect not only employers but employees as well. (1,407 words)

05-28-2004: Photographing Your Sales Portfolio: How to set up the photo shoot, do it yourself, or work with a professional photographer. (4,385 words)

03-14-2003: Landscape Retaining Walls: A few basic guidelines for building retaining walls and for regular inspection of those walls to prevent damage that results if/when they collapse. (926 words)

07-23-2002: Building A Strong Business Foundation: Goal setting, planning, standardization, and making changes. (2,919 words)

02-25-2002: How to Run A Successful Business in 10 Easy Steps: Dealing with the law, getting insured, ongoing education, setting standards for yourself and your business, setting goals, seeking professional advice, getting organized, taking part in your industry, spreading the word about what you do, and taking some time off. (3,254 words)

02-22-2002: Guaranteeing Client Satisfaction: Give clients the word (in writing); personality conflicts; dealing with mischief-makers, meddlers, and other problem clients; getting paid; and tact and diplomacy. (2,303 words)

07-22-2000: Solving Problems & Making Decisions: Looks at 15 steps to effective problem solving, and also the basics of sound decision-making. (3,495 words)

07-21-2000: How to Evaluate Your Company & Write A Business Plan: Explains how to accurately and objectively evaluate your company so that you will have all the information necessary to create a business plan or revise an existing one. (2,683 words)

07-20-2000: Communication-The Key To Successful Client Relationships: Communicating through your advertising, the telephone, in-person presentations, written agreements, administration, maintenance, handling problems, and handling problem clients. (4,786 words)

07-18-2000: Time Is Money: Explains how the way in which tasks are performed by your employees can directly translate into corporate waste, costing you money in the process. (3,985 words)

01-16-2000: Alternatives to Driving Downtown Maintenance Routes: Ways to manage your service routes to reduce vehicle costs and non-billable driving time. (1,923 words)

05-21-1997: Landscaping the Indoor Environment: Understanding the indoor space, maintenance concerns, pest control, special services, and public relations. (1,515 words)

06-21-1995: Working With A Landscape Designer: Describes what a landscape designer does and how the design process works. (841 words)

03-14-1995: What Maintenance Accounts Say To Me (and What They Should Be Saying To You): What all of the following say about your business — account type, location, time allotment, frequency, design, installation, replacements, training, variations in methods used on the job. (718 words)

08-19-1994: How to Hire an Interior Landscaper: All of the things to look for when hiring someone to supply and maintain interior plants for your home or office. (1,177 words)