Many Hats Publications is one of several businesses owned by Joelle Steele and Joelle Steele Enterprises, founded in 1983. Joelle wears many hats because she is a high-IQ "polymath," an expert in a variety of fields. She is an experienced and skilled writer, publisher, educator, artist, designer, and photographer (visit www.joellesteele.com). She is also a legal writer (visit www.contractkingdom.com), biometricist/facial features analyst (visit www.facecomparisons.com), genealogist, graphoanalyst, astrologer, and horticulturist (see her detailed horticultural bio), who has been selling her products and services online since 1992. This website includes 170 of her previously-published articles and blog posts, as well as several of her advice columns.

Joelle writes in all styles, genres, and formats. Her extensive published credits include 40+ books (fiction and non-fiction), 50 short stories, 700+ articles, and 100+ contract templates, as well as thousands of writes for hire, web pages, poems, lyrics, jingles, contributing chapters, etc. She has published several periodicals and 25 books for others, but currently only self-publishes. Joelle is also a former editor of 100+ books, primarily for first-time authors. From 1983 until 2017, she taught adult education classes on writing, publishing, and other topics at local colleges, and continues to speak on those topics for writers' groups and other specialty organizations. She has also made several instructional videos.

For more information about Joelle's education, experience, and books, visit her pressroom.